Friday, July 30, 2010

Writing From Within

Constantina Boudouvas, a wonderfully grounded friend and a gifted therapist, and I are starting a group for writers--Writing From Within.   On February 11 and 12 we  will offer our first writers' retreat, Mindfulness for Writers.  It will be an experiential workshop and the sharing of writing will be optional.  Critiques will not be given as the focus is getting the words on the page and digging deep for inspiration and awareness through mindfulness.

Our location will offer a peaceful, forested setting including trails and a labyrinth for mindfulness walks.  Attendance will be limited to a small group.

Writing is a solitary activity.  And the heart of writing is to get to guts of life, put the reader inside your characters and let the reader walk down the streets of the location you've chosen.  You want to write the glint of light hitting seashells (a play on Chekov's quotation) not moonshine.  This writing comes from awareness and knowing without boundaries.  Being fully prsent for life.  Mindfulness is an avenue to get there.

Brochures will be available soon.