Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011!

  I love New Year's.  Not the party, but the experience.  Though it's just another day, I love the feel of unwrapping a whole new year, one that's fresh, clean, just waiting for me to figure out how to use it.  So on New Year's Day I spend some time thinking of my intention for the coming year. I set a general direction for myself and though I may be off course much of the time or the path I take changes, I keep focus on that general direction.  Most of the time.

     This year I'm letting go of more fears to live with more ease.  It's a little scary to even write that.  If my mother is listening, she'll be scared too. She'll be saying how much more wildly could I possibly get? But though I've succeeded in living way beyond my comfort zones, there are ways I still limit myself beyond what's reasonable.   Being frugal and careful and saving for the day you might be living under a bridge has always been a way of staying safe.  So I do a lot of things like reuse aluminum foil, save plastic bags and work on Labor Day.  All of which may be a result of growing up in Appalachia (which was wonderful, but that's another topic.)

     So I'm risking more this year.  I'm sending out queries for the novels I've written, joining a writing class, and working less.  I'm opening up new areas of my clinical practice and traveling more.  I'll still save plastic bags and aluniminum foil but with a different intention.  Most of all I will give myself more time, view the time I have as abundant, and spend more of it connecting with people I love.

     A good start is--I'm going to Paris.  That sounds so decadent to me.  But I am blessed with a special opportunity.  See, I'm giving myself reasons it's okay even now.  It's okay.  It won't put me under the bridge.

     So we'll see how I do as the year goes on.  I hope the angels are helping my mother relax right now.

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