Monday, April 25, 2011

Mindfulness and Attachments

Two weeks ago I was counting the days until my new iPad arrived.  I checked the Apple site several times a day, despite knowing I'd receive an email when it shipped.  The marketing department for Apple must be amazing to have so many people going to the store in the wee morning hours to stand in line to get a number to buy that product.  I guess it helps that the iPad is, well, really cool. 

What fascinates me though is my own behavior. I've been through gadget mania, believing that the latest gadget would add so much to my life, create happiness or magic or some wondrous result.  What really happens, of course, is that I get the gadget (or dress, or car, or whatever) and then a week later I want something else.  There is no end to wanting.  Whatever you get, you want something else. We don't wait for possessions to wear out anymore or until we need something new.  How many people wait until they need a new pair of shoes before buying? Or new clothes? Most of us buy based on want, not need. Sometimes I try to fool myself.  I don't have any yellow heels.  So I need those.  then, well,  I don't have any yellow flats.  I need yellow flats and then that will be the last pair I buy.  Ha.  I am embarrassed to say how many pairs of shoes are in my closet right now.  I certainly don't need more.  

All this wanting leads to working more to earn more money to pay for all the stuff I buy.  

Wanting creates discontentment.  Getting things truly doesn't bring happiness.  I've found that out for myself.  Plus research done in positive psychology has shown that to be true.  Not to mention that all this buying from want means working more hours to earn more money to pay for all the stuff that doesn't make me happy.  And takes away from free time that I could spend writing, with friends and with family--the choices that really do make me happy. My behavior makes no sense.  And I know it.  And I still do it.

The iPad really is cool though.

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  1. All I ever wanted was a red, rubber ball