Sunday, September 4, 2011


I didn't intend to become a vegetarian.  Really, I didn't.  But something happened last March and I just couldn't eat meat anymore. Not only did I not want it, I couldn't tolerate the thought of meat in my mouth. Probably just a passing thing I thought, but here I am six months later and I can't stand the thought of eating flesh. That's the way I think of meat now and I can't switch it back. Meat is flesh right?  That's the truth.

The problem is that I'm having difficulty getting enough protein. I've always loved carbs and taking meat out of my diet only makes the problem worse. Carbs taste so good.  Eating is not about what tastes good I tell myself. Because of the problem with protein I made a decision to eat meat again. Making firm decisions about my own behavior has worked before, like deciding I would go to the gym.  This time it didn't work.

That solution is not working.  Now I'm focused on alternative protein sources.  How can I increase my protein without eating meat? Greek yogurt is great. But I need more.

Enter spicy black bean burgers.  These patties are flavorful and taste like a treat.  Wrapped iwth veggies in a low-carb whole wheat tortilla and what a treat.  My meat-loving friends eat them too. I never knew these "burgers" could taste so wonderful.  So if I found one fabulous option, there should be another, right?  Protein packed chocolate pudding with no sugar and 9 carbs, 190 calories and 30 grams of protein. 30!! Seriously, this stuff is so good.

There's got to be more.  I'm searching.

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